If you have an appliance that has quit working and you would like some idea of repair costs and availability of a repair technician, please contact us today!

Please keep in mind the following with respect to service repair estimates:

  • All appointments must be booked in advance
  • We can provide you an approximate cost range based on typical issues and repairs for your specific appliance and the nature of the problem after the diagnostic has been performed. However, the final price would be quoted once the parts have been sourced
  • Our fee for the of the on-site service call and problem diagnosis does not cover the cost of any replacement parts that may be required
  • An additional on-site visit may be required in order to install the replacement parts if the parts were not available in stock during the initial visit
  • We charge by the job and not by the hour. So the price we quote you for the repair is the total cost. It will not change irrespective of how long it takes to repair the appliance
  • We provide a 30 day parts and labour warranty

Photo of two men installing a front load washer